floating solar pond lights

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I thought I would add this so to save wasting money!

I purchased 10 of these off of ebay,thought.Great,looks ok when they arrived,that night I put them in the pond and waited.They all came on and was quite a delightful show.

Around a week to 10 days later,when locking my hens up,walking by the pond I noticed some were missing,after walking all the way around and searching in the reeds,I found a few of them-which had drifted out of sight. Next morning I went out to find the others,they were there but obviously not charged enough.

Next few evenings,even more went off.I thought,well,that was a waste,and planned to scoop them out of the pond over the weekend,and check to see if the batteries needed changing.

When I pulled them out,five were completely missing,gone-Ducks and fish did not eat them! So again,I searched my pond entirely and I found...This...Picture 1 below.

Not only were they not working,but they were sinking!.. I e-mailed the seller to advise about this,but nothing ever materialised...well,it was around some 2 weeks later,and I had already left super duper feedback because of my enjoyment the first night!

I am still completely miffed and feel a bit of a fool,all but three remain and work fine!

So I would suggest that,if you really wish for this style of floating pond light,ok,there is,Think again!!
But there is also ,if you have heaps of cash then buy in bulk just to make sure,-and someone is becoming rich at your expense.

Find a more reputable brand and not a no-name!

Or just pray you get lots of fireflies turn up to give a spectacular show,I think you are completely wasting your time with these Floating solar pond lights..

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