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Dear reader,we would also like to share our own bitter experience with this 'martin' character from vicarage motors also known as Longford car sales,Longford rd, October of last year we saw a mitsubishi pajero advertised on ebay,we then contacted martin who requested a£100 deposit via a debit/credit card not paypal.we drove from Liverpool to Coventry to find a hovel of a place which looked more like a scrapyard than a car showroom and whose staff looked pretty much consistent with their place of work,del boy characters.On inspecting the vehicle,we pointed out an oil leak underneath the car on the floor to be told that it came from a previous vehicle that was parked there...dubiously we took their word and started back our long journey to Liverpool with our 4 young children.The next morning,what should we find on our path but copious amounts of oil oozing out of the car,however this story pales into insignificance when we tell you what happened next!!..As  we never got the green transfer of ownership slip,we wrote to swansea requesting a log book from dvla,only to be informed that the vehicle was a category c write off and that we would have to have the vehicle assessed by the ministry of transport to establish it's this point,we contacted martin and informed him of this,he agreed to get back to us to arrange a refund or exchange and after 14 days neither of these happened and like the previous writer,only when we witheld our number did we get an answer along with abuse and threats...the final conversation we had  with martin was to inform him that we intended to complain to the office of fair trading,to which his reply was..'JOIN THE QUEUE'..and the abusive phone calls and texts continued for some time afterwards..the vehicle was subsequently scrapped and we were out of pocket for £15,00!!!! PLEASE TAKE ON BOARD WHAT HAPPENED TO US AND STEER WELL AWAY FROM THIS UNSCRUPULOUS PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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