football camera sets

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hi just wanted to let people know about the amount of people i have found selling football camera sets on ebay for a starting price of around £8 when you can buy them yourself in the shops for £5.99,it really does annoy me when people try and charge you more for something you can get yourself cheaper on the high street.i brought the arsenal gift set for my son a few months ago from the highstreet for £5.99 which i thought was an excellent price,but later discovered that to be able to take photos you need to buy a flash cube that fits in the top of the camera,and let me tell you i have been searching for one but nowhere sells them anymore,and this is also one piece of info that buyers seem to have missed off their description,so as far as you are concerned you will be buying a camera that your child can use when in actual fact,it will be useless and your child will not be able to use it,which i think you will agree wont make for a very happy child on christmas have been warned dont buy these sets unless you are certain you can get hold of a flash cube and and dont buy them from ebay,save yourself a few quid and get it from the highstreet
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