football manager 2007 buy or not to buy

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simple guide to football manager 2007

pros -

super realistic gameplay

you feel like you actually run your club

updates can be recieved to keep transfers up to date

you can make your own transfers in edit mode - have a perfect team if you wish but that would be cheating!

you never get bored as there always something you can improve on like training, backroom staff or wage budget

you will pass many hours

cons -

you can get annoyed when interupted

dissapointing when you realise a player doesnt really play for your club in real life on a saturday :-(

absolutely heartbreaking if you get to a cup final and lose

enfruriating if a player doesnt play well

you can get tied up in the game so much so that you even write a review on ebay about it

you wont have much time to do daily tasks like eat, go to the toilet or respond to a question off the mrs


part of me wishes i never bought it because in truth there are so much better things i could be doing with my time, but for now i dont have time to think of any because i have a large injury list and we have arsenal tomorrow.

if you want to be like me ^^^^ buy it for certain, it passes so many hours, superb entertainment, cant fault it one bit. my hat goes off to the creator

all the best


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