formula one rip off's

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So you want to buy some formula one stuff? Well so do many other people and boy do seller's know this. If you are a team fan and have looked on there site and seen how much they will sell you item's for then you will know ebay is sometime's the best place to pick up a bargain BUT befor you bid on an item take some time to look around see what's out there first some seller's do start with good prices but they also hit you hard with p+p. I'm a big williams fan and have been since i can remember and i love looking on ebay for old team stuff and 99% of my time is looking i'v seen item's start at 99p but they have had £4.00 to £up and up p+p but the p+p is never that high when it come's and there's no way the packing cost them money as some seller's reuse old packing to send. Take cap's for example i got a williams team cap for £2.00 with P+P of £1.75 the cost to post was £1.50 so the seller made 25p on sending ok the cost of selling on ebay also come's in to play so 25p is fine but the same cap was also on offer from another seller it went for £3.00 with a P+P charge of £4.50 so that's £3.00 profit to the seller more then you need to cover selling and packing cost's so it dose pay to look befor you bid!!!!

Theres one other thing you should watch out for and it's some seller's best friend and it's the word RARE or LIMITED these are key words to look out for if you see them look at all the other item's for sale as you will find that most of the time the same rare or limited items are listed several times and cheaper so beware.

I'm not trying to put you off or do seller's out of a sale all i want is for buyer's to look at what there bidding on befor they bid and to help some seller's see that people know that ovre the odd's for P+P and silly word's get picked up on by real fan's of f1.

Ebay is a great place for real seller's i'v got some seller's (if you reading this you know how you are) who will not rip you off or bump up the price these seller's are the best on ebay and a real credit to the art of selling! there fan's of the sport who want you to be as happy as they were with the item and at a good price.

so DON'T buy/bid on high p+p let's get the real cost on there.

DON'T fall for cheap words like rare or limited when there's several item's the same out there.

and most of all please let everybody know with feedback when you find a super seller who dozen't try to rip you off with silly price's and super high P+P

thankyou for you time now go buy you self some stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



LOOK OUT in the last few week's i'v seen some dreamer's on ebay selling formula one stuff for way more then the team will on there site's in one case a new team t-shirt was up on buy it now £10 more then the team had it on for please WATCH OUT any new team stuff on here should cost abit less or whats the point go to the team if in dout on prices.

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