fragrance storage

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when buying fragrances from ebay  i would choose ones that have been kept in a box because , if they were out of a box they may have been in direct sunlight or under artificial lights which can destroy a fragrance and change the fragrance. so when you have bought a perfume make sure that you keep it in a box as well . if you know of a cooler place in your house place it there , make sure its not stored next to a radiator . if you need to dispense your fragrance for taking away use a proper fragrance atomiser like the branded "flo " which you can just spray into and wash out after each use . never put them in the cheap plastic spray bottles because the perfume will corrode the plastic .when storing your fragrance place it next to a matching body lotion or a fragrance free lotion so that it will remind you to layer your fragrance , putting the lotion on first will help your fragrance stay on much longer as it gives it something to cling on to . especially if you suffer from dry skin , fragrance evaporates quicker , oily skin is luckier because  fragrance will last longer on that type of skin .
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