fraud on E/Bay UK

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I have seen a serial fraudster selling on E/Bay U.K. Every 2 weeks or so for the last year he auctions the same brand new items for rediculously cheap BUY NOW prices. All  his sale items are pristine hi-fi items and he steals the pictures off previously sold items. I have collected positive proof of this fact. He is getting biders but i can not warn them as he hides the bidders I.D.  I have given up trying to bring this to E/Bays attention. They really do not give a hoot, even with a serial fraudster who keeps on going and is obviously ripping buyers off on a regular basis. Why did spokesman for E/Bay U.K. say on british T.V's  BBC 1 Wachdog program that they take fraud seriously. They most obviously do not, is my oppinion. 


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