fraud trends

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hi ebayers!

when looking at buying of somene for an expensive item pay attention to thier "actual" feedback rather than just the number. some twisted people decide that they have had enough of ebay and to end there account they pretend to sell an expensive item, possibly several. Then once you've payed for the item they will close thier account. this happens a lot and sometimes they come back with a new account under a different name, unfortunately ebay can't and don't do anything about this and people continue to be ripped off. a good way of making sure your buying from someone genuine is to ask for extra pictures to prove that they actualy own the item they are selling and haven't cut and paste from somewhere else. another good way is to look at what they have been buying and selling. people don't change there interests over night so if they have been buying and selling cook-wear and suddenly have a brand new, still boxed 60 inch plasma tv for sale, you should ask yourself why. computers continue to be the biggest rip offs on ebay which is a shame but when buying, look at there reason for selling. not everyone is bad but some people are trully twisted individuals who thrive on stealing from others. feedback can be decieving at times so look at the items rather tham just the numbers. other sellers feedback can give you a good insight into what they are like but one bad decision can leave you seriously out of pocket. if buying expensive items it's safer to buy from someone who regulary sell's similar items, even if it costs a bit more, this way you can see that other ebayers have spent money well with the seller and had good results.
    next time you buy something look at who your buying from, not just what the feedback number tells you.
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