fraudsters on ebay

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I bought a stand for a tv from ebay the item didnt arrive and the seller was removed from ebay all at the same time! I contacted ebay who... said they couldnt tell me why this guy was removed! as it was client confidentiality!!!! they removed ALL his listings!!! which seems odd if they guy had just left!! i have now started a claim through paypal and also my credit card company! Still awaiting resolution!!

Also I ordered and paid for a shoe stand before xmas it arrived with missing screws! I tried in vain to get these replaced - again I was told to contact the seller, who denied everything although he had recieved negative feedback for sending stuff to other ebayers with out ALL the pieces or screws!!! I lost 53.00. Ebay advised me to return the item at a cost of 35.00 to me! to get a 20.00 refund!! madness! I'm not too impressed with ebay or the paypal system there seems to be big flaws in the system which  people who are crooks can use to there advantage.

I think if there are problems they shoudl work together to stop people selling dangerous items, like a seller selling toys! which are faulty and have missing parts! or removing details and not informing anyone who has purchased off the site!!!

This could all stop! if more security and protection for honest ebayers was put in place then these people wouldnt think its an easy place to make a fast buck!!!

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