frenchconnectionspares12 dangerous goods!!!!!!

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Hello Ebayers

I have been buying and selling goods now on ebay for 8+ years and mainly have had good experiences. As a seller I have always provided an A1+ service to all my customers, unfortunately other sellers don't provide a similar service infact rarely the odd one offer a slap dash quick turnover of goods, quick profit arthur daley approach to ebay, no more so than frenchconnectionspares12 who recently sold my me a alloy wheel + tyre in good condition with 6mm tread £50, bargain I thought, and yes fast delivery ticked the box and well wrapped, however the tyre had a great big nail sticking out of it, I thought this was a genuine oversight and contacted the seller and sent photos explaining the issue and was willing to get the tyre repaired if the bill of £10 was refunded, which by all accounts was a reasonable request. I did get a reply from the seller stating I only bought a wheel and the tyre was just a bonus!!!! WTF I thought the main heading said wheel + tyre no mention of wheel + bonus tyre + bonus nail, was offered a refund if I forked out £12 to return wheel. I was furious the upshot is this seller just doesn't care that he sells life threatening goods. Not giving a £10 refund is more important to this seller than customer satisfaction and 2 dead children on the motorway!!! Shame on you frenchconnectionspares12  YOU ARE A LIABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!


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