g1 my little pony advice

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if you are new to collecting g1 my little ponys then this text may be helpful to you.

G1 stands for generation one ponies. they are the ones that was brought out in the 80s and early 90s.

allot of ebay sellers say that the pony they are selling is "rare" and most of the time this information is very un true. they also put a ridiculous price on the pony. dont be fooled in paying £15 for a pony named "apple jack" just because the seller states that the pony is rare. 

ponnies vary in price. some sellers have the  "buy now option" always look carefully as in black small print it can say "or best offer" - this is ideal to try and knock the seller down a few pounds or pence. 

BBE pony stands for beddy bye pony, what means there eyes open and close. make sure the seller states if the eyes still open and close correctly, if not send them a message asking. if they are a bit faulty, again you may be able to ask for the pony to be a bit more cheaper.

collectors pose means that the ponys legs are all straight stood up and there head is facing the front. 

shy pose means the ponys head is slightly turned to the side. 

flat foot ponys are the first my little ponys printed in year 1 in 1982

sweet heart sister ponies are slimmer than the original g1 ponies. they are believed to be  "teenage" ponies 
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