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Members should be aware of the trading practices of this organisation.

On 27/03/2008 I purchased  an item from this company. It was supposedly delivered by the Home Delivery Network on 01/04/2008. On 02/04/2008 I  reported it to Home Delivery Network as not received and was rewarded by a visit from an individual purporting to be the delivery driver, who offered no identification and drove an unmarked vehicle, complaining about the apparent complaint.

The seller has failed to respond to 3 messages via eBay and to a direct email message. Telephone contact has not been satisfactory. All the indications are that, despite the feedback score, if there is a problem, you can whistle.

This is probably the worst seller I have encountered since May 2003. There have been ones who were slow in responding, ones who have denied that anything could be wrong, even one who suggested I had bounced the item on the floor on receipt - but never one who totally ignores contacts.

Overheard conversations during telephone contact suggest that there are lazy individuals at the root of this. Nevertheless, the company is responsible.

Incidentally, despite the UserId, this is a company called

PayPal claim procedure has been started. PayPal has requested further information from the seller.

In the meantime, purchase from this seller is at your own risk.

I would recommend avoiding this seller, who uses every apparent stratagem to avoid responsibility. If necessary, I intend to take legal proceedings.

I wish I had the time and money to bring a prosecution of this company. Unfortunately I don't, so all I can do is to warn other members!

Added on 29 April 2008

Considering all the negative comments that PayPal gets elsewhere, it is surprisingly pleasant to be able to report that PayPal managed to get my money back. So it's worth bearing in mind that, even if the trader claims that "PayPal Buyer Protection does not apply" opening a dispute and making a claim is still worth the effort. Well done, PayPal!

Despite the apparent positive feedback score, I will never purchase from this trader again, via eBay or any other venue, including their own website. They apparently have a policy of quantity over quality - and if your goods don't get delivered, they don't care.

Home Delivery Network appears to be a courier whose personnel are more concerned about possible complaints than about getting the goods they are contracted to deliver to the intended recipient.

You have been warned!!

Note to eBay

You should monitor this trader's activities. They do not enhance your reputation.

Added on 15 May 2008

I've just purchased another item from this trader, although I wouldn't if I had realised who it was. Amazingly, it turned up without any apparent problems except the lengthy delivery time. But then they used Royal Mail on this occasion.

It appears that they are also trading as grabyourdeal.

Added on 2 May 2009

Anyone who has any experiences of, under any of their aliases, please feel free to let me know so that I can add to this Guide.



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