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I have been using Ebay now for a few years and i have to say that MOST of my experiences have been good ones. I have a couple of pointers for people that are already using Ebay or are just starting out.

1. Sign upto to paypal

2. No it doesnt cost anything and is quick and easy to use

3. Why paypal? It is quick and easy to pay online with this and is also secure, it also provides some protection. For example; I have purchased something on Ebay that was a fake and tried to sort it out with the seller. The seller never got back to me. I went onto paypal and they sorted it out for me and i received ALL of my money back.

4. Always have a look at the sellers rating this can tell you how good other people have found this seller and problems that people have had with this seller

5. Always read the terms the seller has set out for this item i.e. cheque only or payment within 7days this is important as not doing so can result in bad feedback or a warning from Ebay

6. Preferably I always use a seller that uses paypal

7. If you really want an item i suggest setting up the instant messenger as you find out instantly when you have been outbid

8. Check the postage and packaging prices as these vary considerably

9. Check where you are buying from as this will effect the delivery considerably

10. Buy responsibly and enjoy yourself!




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