gretsch g5210 guitar, guide for prospective buyers

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I am assuming that should you purchase a 5210 you will be fortunate and get one as fine as mine, of which I have just purchased from Rimmers music shop, Leyland, Lancs. If you can, go along to a music store and try one or two out   -don't do as I did and buy a Hagstrom Viking de-luxe from the u.s.a. and discover that the tremolo system is completely innefective.  The  Gretsch I have bought supersedes the general buying price of these guitars.I really can't believe how good it is to play: An absolutely perfect neck of which it would be completely infeaseable to improve on, flawless finish (I bought a sunburst) and it sounds great as well. Would it be better with say, t.v. Jones pick-ups? -All I can say is I've listened to Gretsch 5210's on youtube and the 5210 often sounds as good as the 6210! I must confess that I did really believe the 5210 would be a bottom end performer, this was before I'd tried one, I mean how can a "budget price" guitar be any good? Well all I can say is try one, find out how they are simply an absolute delight to play: Slim neck, well finished comfortable fret wire, the neck is pretty similar to a Les paul standard by the way. But like all guitars you could get a rogue so go along and try one out first!
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