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            Hi,thought Id share my experience of several gs1000s over the last five years.Bike history is several Bandits[loved em, great fun] Hayabusa[buy one if death calls-the Reaper was at my shoulder several times]and now  a ZRX1200 and two gs1000s.

            The gs1000 is a big ,heavy bike but steers and rides well.Thebest bit is undoubtedly the engine.Loads of torque low down, VERY reliable and good build quality.Never had a over 5 years and six bikes.Bought my first one to keep my speed down[cameras etc]and as something different.,then found myself taking the gs out as first choice regularly.Weird,Eh? going slower,enjoying it more!!!

          Brakes-it hasnt any!This is one area bikes have leapt forward so the gs brakes do not inspire initial confidence BUT you do get used to em,and they are improved by braided hoses and a complete rebuild.It sharpens your defensive driving skills !Also electrics can be a problem,usually due to low oil causing the coils to fry,but electrex are very good for new bits.Also run with headlights on.

         I  personally am not keen on the shafties,they feel really ponderous and just too heavy,still people like em.The best looking of the lot is undoubtedly the blue and white[ice cream van ]with the small fairing.Real,not retro,and makes a good tourer.Yes, Ive got one so no bias there.

         In short,a great undervalued bike which I am sure is going to be The Next Big Thing.Handles well, goes great and just about stops and is seriously undervalued at the moment.Good ones are from£1000-£2500 for a very good 1000S.I normally change bikes every year,but Ive had  a gs for 5 years and cannot see myself without one.Dont buy a smoker though,as they are not recouping a rebuild at the moment,unless its cheap.

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