guide to buying clothes from asian countrys

Like if this guide is helpful

Best advice that I can give is to make sure u know your measurements as sizes are exceedingly smaller over there eg a UK m is a Korean xl (est) also if ordering from hong Kong,Seoul,Tokyo ect it will take at least 2 weeks to ship to UK as customs are a lot tougher over there so always order in advance or at least be patient
But if your looking for a bargain and fashion forward clothing it is always worth it but unfortunately if you are plus size the pickings are rather slim (no pun intended)

Most times Asian sellers are more then willing to answer your questions and most the time will give you a tracking code for your order so don't hesitate to ask as if you don't ask you don't get 

Also many children clothes are very good too

There great especially for both fashion forward parents and geeky kawaii fans
just make sure to check measurements and if not stated it's always a good idea to ask the seller as they want you to buy from them and returns are a bit harder to do so please check before you get disappointed
So check list 
check measurements as sizes differ drastically from you standard .uk size
if you don't know the measurements ask the seller they are more then willing to help
be patient and order in advance as shipping cam to 2 weeks or more due to customs
returns are hard and more expensive then the item usually and also take a long time so make sure to double check your order before you buy as to save you disappointment in the future
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