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hello this is bobarita reviewing the game haze,the game haze is about a soldier working for the private army of mantel, using the drug nectar enhancing his abilities he plans to wipe out the rebels until he finds a disburbing truth about mantel........


When playing as the mantel troop you can use the drug nectar to boost all of moves,health and speed for a time limit.The grenades can be thrown quite far.Vehicles are very fun but hard to control.In the game there will be a variety of teamates that will accompany you and help you.You start of with a mchine gun and a very powerful pistol (a personal favourite).

When playing as a rebel you use everything to your advantage your teammates can last you entire levels, as they can be healed with a simple pat on the back (i know weird).The rebel can convert bullets from any gun to bullets of the rebel machine gun.When playing as a rebel use an array of tricks to kill off mantel troops some of these tricks include nectar bombs, nectar glazed knifes, stealing weapons and playing dead.Rebel vehicles include a quad bike with rocket attachment and a heavily amoured patrol car.

Online Play

Online play is brilliant there's loads of people playing it.The maps are very spacious nad loaded with every weapon.Vehicles are scattered about randomly in suited area's.squads of class enjoy the vehicle wars that go on.One bit of advise is when playing as the mantel troop don't get shot in the back.

The Price

£40.00 in the shops, of course prices vary on ebay.

My Verdict

Haze is a good game that has superb online play and offers a lot to shooter fans. The graphics are good on main features however the background lacks detail,colour and graphics are bad in some places.Once the games completed theres not much else to  do on it except online.It can be tricky to get to certain area's and get lost.The creators of the game could have made it a bit bigger.6/10

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