heat presses where do you start & which one is for you

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I've been watching heat press sales recently and if you thinking of buying one this might be of a interest to you , unlike a lot of guides on here i'm not trying to sell you anything i Don't sell on ebay (not a sausage)

1st off the cheap imports are ok as long as you remember they are just that so don't expect a £1,000 machine for £200 a £200 machine more than like cost £60 - £80 to produce top whack and by the time the guy making it has put his bit on top then the guy selling it to you puts his bit on your at £200

guarantee's on these are not worth a monkeys unless you plan on shipping it back to the factory at a cost of about £130 for a 2 way trip more for a bigger machine so if you bought yours off a uk seller they will offset damages and returns if yours breaks return it them and in there next shipment they will get the parts needed sent out to them it's a ongoing thing

import presses start at about £80 for a mug press and £140 for a A4 flat press great prices untill you remember what i said before

the flat presses mostly sold as the A4 press (claimed to easy and simple to use) are just a frame in a box with a heating plate attached from what i've seen more hassel than they are worth as the box just splits on the corners and your plate drops into it not to mention the amount of shirts and transfers your going to burn through trying to get it to work no good really these seem mainly to be sold by a seller in ashford kent who keeps changing username so be weary about buying from him if i was you as i've heard off a few people he has ripped off

the mug presses are better and a great buy i think but get a replacement wrap with it when you order them as they are easy to change if you need to (about £30)

buying a new press can set you back upto and beyond a grand (£1,000) so buy wise do you really need a all singing all dancing press or would a cheap 2nd hand one be better depending on make you can always's get spares and as a rule these things last for ever i still have a 15yr old press as my back up which has never let me down

to be honest a lot of people see T shirt printing as a sure way to make a living but it's not all sweet more like all sweat be ready to work your butt off i still now have been known to be printing shirts past midnight on a regular basis

you will have to be ready to graft at getting work i mail dropped every firm in my area when i 1st started everything from takeaway's to garages and even chemists schools you name it i put a leaflet and price list through every door

ok say you have your press and are ready to go you have decided to use a heat press instead of screen printing as your looking for small jobs so the cost of setting up a new screen for each job is out of the question

so are you going to use litho transfers or sublimation printing

litho are great from around 50p you can really change a plain shirt but how do you know the transfer you are going to buy will sell you don't buy a couple of 100 and get a catalog for customers to look through and only press the shirts you or yours will wear at worst way you have some cheap shirts to wear

sub gives a fantastic finish but as you can only print on white shirts it has it's drawbacks like they have to be polyester and they cost about £3.50 each plus the dreaded VAT and delivery so alway's look into picking up if you can i'd buy from a guy who was closer to save myself 50p a shirt than a guy who was 60p cheaper but wanted £20 postage per case as i could get though 5,000 shirts easy

sub offers you the chance to produce on the spot designs from a phone image or childs drawing which are great but the start up is around £1,000 for decent set up don't be tempted to buy a £25 ink ciss as it will flood your printer and waste your inks meaning your down big bucks before you have even printed 1 shirt

if buying one ask the seller will he guarantee it even if it leaks most would not accept a used return as it is good only for the bin so there down £25 aswell

inks you can get inks from £10 per 100ml but they look on the finished item like £2 inks so go for a decent quality midway level at least it will work out better for you as they will bring customers back alway's make sure your inks come with a colour correction program (will make adjustments so that the colours of the ink match whats on screen) only cheap nasty inks do not come with one

printers for sub inks (i say sub inks as the way the epson printers apply the ink to the paper works great for sub inks) if your planing small scale a desk top level entry is the epson r220 or d88 which is better as it is only a 4 colour or if your planing on taking over the T shirt printing market the 1290 is a top class A3 printer

t shirt transfer paper don't really like this stuff to be honest as it produces a low grade finished item which after a couple of washes is only fit for the bin as your design will just peel off but hey if that's what you want go for it

As per ebay's rules i can't put any links up here where you can buy these items but they are all for sale on ebay just widen your searches and your find them

All the best with your research and hope this has been of some help to you

and don't forget to vote

No negative votes as your only lose sleep for being so nasty seems mr ashford is upset sorry but if you did'nt sell rubbish and rip people off i would not need to mention you 

sidenote this guide has now been read by 1400+ people popular subject i guess




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