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Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are amazing pets to have but they need to be looked after with care and attention.


When you get your guinea pigs you need to make some decisions: How many? Indoors or outdoors? What to feed them? What size cage?


Guinea pigs like to live in 2's as they offten become very bored without a friend to live with.

If you get your guinea pigs from a pet shop indoors is best as the rain and wind will upset them. But if you get them from a guinea pig breader who keeps them outdoors they will be used to the weather and will be happier living outside.

Guinea pigs love cucumber and carrots but they need to be chopped up into smaller pieces so they dont choke. They also love, guinea pig nuggets (that can be brought from pet shops) as it has every thing they need for a good heathly life style and peppers especially green ones choppe dup into little chunks. They need to have lots of vitimin C to keep them healthy is well.

depending on how many guinea pigs will depend on what sized cage you buy. If you go into your local pet shop go to the Guinea Pigs isle and look at the cages there. Look at the lables especially as they will say things like Sutible For two Guinea Pigs, Suitible for four Guinea pigs.

Guinea pig Checklist.

* guinea pig hutch

* guinea pig food

* guinea pig toys

* guinea pig water function

* guinea pig run

* guinea pig poop scoop


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