high postage costs.

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id like to comment on the charges people charge for posting their items they have sold.first of all it is their choice to sell their items on ebay knowing full well that they have to package and post the items once they v sold.i sell my items and add postage and packaging to the final price.i never make money for p&p as its my choice to sell the items on ebay.nobody forces these people to sell on ebay and as such buyers should not have to pay for sellers greed.i recently purchased a bundle of clothes in which the seller charged me £25 for postage,as i thought it would be heavy i agreed to to the terms.only when i received the bundle,to my disgust it cost them just £9.95 to send and they reused the box from another person.making £15 profit on the postage.as for fuel again its a sellers choice to post items and as such buyers are buying products not your fuel.it all comes down to good business at the end of the day,you charge correct postage more people will buy off you,you charge excessive postage and you ll get bad feedback hindering future sales.

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