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i first had eyelash extensions earlier this year and went to have them done at my local salon they were very nice if a little long but i liked the look so went back, this soon became quite expensive as well as time consuming as i had to go back every week or so to have infills etc so i decided that i could probably save myself time and money by doing it myself .

The other problem i had was that the only colour my salon had available was black which was fine for a night out but as i don't wear much makeup a little dramatic for everyday but after getting used to the look (i warn you it is addictive)  my eyes felt bare and piggy without them. so i looked on eBay and as luck would have it i came across tb med first time i was a little worried about ordering but gave it a go.

Well i have never looked back their product is FANTASTIC!!!! the first time i used them i took them to my salon to have them applied as i wasn't quite ready to do them myself and the therapist commented on what good quality they were (personally i didn't know the difference) they were a lovely natural brown and came within two days from ordering to receiving them in the post,

since then i have grown confident enough to apply them myself ( it takes practice but is not impossible) and have made many repeat orders their service is second to none, at one point they were on holiday and had removed the items, in a panic i phoned them to see if they had been discontinued and the guy on the phone was super helpful and said he would put them up within the hour ..and he did!! i ordered and they arrived the next day!!.

recently i had an emergency when i didn't have time to order and had to buy some from a local shop they were cheaper but it showed !! absolute rubbish!! I'm afraid i have been spoiled by this product they really are superior to anything else i have tried the ones i had to buy in a rush were very synthetic to look at and were doll like which is fine for barbie but not for me and they looked very harsh.

you might wonder if this is one of those times when i am not really a customer etc but if you check their feedback you will see i have ordered repeatedly i just wanted to write this so that other people can buy without worrying that they will be ripped off with naff product, there is nothing more disappointing :-(  i have had MANY compliments on "my" eyelashes and i wouldn't be without them now .

now being realistic they don't stay on forever it would depend how they are applied etc but i can get a good weeks wear out of them if i cleanse gently around my eyes , they wont stay on if you scrub them vigorously so the length of time would probably depend on the individual  however the lashes will still look as good as when you bought them when they do come off , you could probably also clean them for reuse if you really wanted to if you had one of those gum based glues ,personally i cant be bothered as I'm just too lazy but it could be done .

so if you are looking for some to try for the first time i would highly recommend this company as i have had nothing but a positive experience and their product is superb!

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