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As someone who home loads I thought those of you who are also trying to save some money might like to know of a tip someone told to me..my rounds  after my first and second batches where falling short on my shots....   It turns out that this is because the home loading kit I bought on ebay comes with a 2.2 pre-measured cup/dipper for measuring. After much re-sighting I still had much variaton in shot fall. It turns out that this is probably a couple of things....the Powder  and the amount of powder for the powder bought. So..  having got the factory load advised amount for the powder and shot I realised that the amount was under.

Heres the tip.

Rather than go to the gunsmiths and buy a new measurerdipper.   Weight out the powder on fine scales and then cut the neck off a fired brass cartridge...  Fill the open cartridge up and mark the level height on the brass shell to the height of the powder.  Empty the case out and recut to the level marked. Re-Dip your new measuring cup and re-weight to get it absolutley right by re-trimming if necessary.

Solder a brass metal rod handle or araldite a simple wooden handle onto the new cartridge and hey presto you now have a new dipper of the right load FOR THE POWDER you bought!!!!

I know----   silly & simple  but it works and can be done in 10 minutes. 

I mark up all my home made dippers now   saying what powder they are to be use for.

Shot fall is back to how it should be...     






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