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I have to say the seller was fantastic, but the tub information pack was not. I ordered a "bargain Hottub" from ebay had to wait 7 weeks for delivery (which I was told about). The tub was delivered by lovely team from Nottingham and sited. Now comes the issue the electrician wanted information and heater rating and amperage for the wiring. I checked the booklet that came with the tub and it explains really well how to use the controls but no information on the details about electricity, which really is crucial for safely connecting the hot tub to your supply. Rang the seller who is going to contact supplier in the meantime the tub will sit in the lovely rainy british summer. I have to say the hottub is fantastic to look at and I am sure when it is going it will be worth it, but the earache from the electrician has sort of took the sparkle out of it. If you want to buy a hottub that has all the facilities of the main supply brands then you can save nearly 50%, however you will have very little information on the inside working bits of the hottub.

The best thing to do while you wait for your hottub is to do homework, find out all the information you can about the hottub you are getting. Think very carefully about where you put it and imagine it there in winter with the wind howling and the rain pelting you. Need to house the unit?. Think about how you will house it is there ventilation for all that steam to escape while letting you sit there enjoying the tub while the weather is cold. Think about the cost of housing, maintaining with chemicals, accessories required and the fuel bills for heating it all year round, also if you have a water meter think about water costs for filling the tub. The most important thing is to consider if it might be better getting a leisure/gym membership so you can use their hot tub, this will ultimately cost you less but compromise your privacy. 

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