how to buy Confidently

Like if this guide is helpful

When you are browsing for a item dont be shy to look at it and dont be dettered by the price of it always have a watch onto it and comeback to it soon or later you might find some similair results that are cheaper

 and possibly far more trustworthy always make sure you buy from either a top rated seller with high feedback or a really high seller with also alot of high feedback from recent transactions when i know the seller to be deemed unworthy and cunning to others i ask them why what do you achieve out of ignorant and selfish behaviour.

i simply consider ebay as a tool for my busniess and online easy going transactions for honest folk who wish to trade fairly

just be wearyof those trying to trick never go for a buyer or seller with a quite low or very downed customer service or communication which can cause problems

thanks for the time to read this short guide of how to buy or sell confidently without hestitation or worry

and again if you are still buying from a good seller just wait for the item as some or most cases of inpatient people take it to far lol

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