how to spot a fake chloe paddington bag

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i hate seeing all these fake bags on ebay they make me so cross, so im posting what i know about chloe  paddington bags to help thoughs that want the real thing.

designers bags such as chloe never come from wholesalers.

always research your bag, if you cant find it then it doesnt exist! try net a porter they sell only authentic bags, or try the websites of the designer.

when you have the picture of the real thing, compare the quality, its so easy to start seeing the fakes now.

chloe never have made bags in colours such as pink green yellow or blue

all metal on the bag should be the same colour (antique brass N.B not gold, greyish bags do have complete silver metal )apart from the zips they are always silver.

the leather should smell of leather, and be soft sloughchy (the padlock weighs 1pound so will pull the bag down) the bag never stands up by itself.

 the leather on the padlock should be the same colour as it is on the bag

chloe should be imbossed on the bag at an 1/8th of the size (not large like i have seen on some on ebay)

chloe should be embossed on the key, this hould be the right way up when the key is facing down.

 the handels have an extra bit og leather on them

the bag has Cs on the side that should have on one chloe embossed on the top and on the other embossed on the bottom.

the Cs should be facing the righn way round so they read C.

on the ivory bags the sealing on the sides is a brown colour never white

where the handels meet the bag there should be a rounded metal loop and joined buy a rounded bit of leather (never square)

 rivets should be to the side of the handle

where the padlock fits should be metal and have chloe embossed on it, again if you turn it over it should have chloe on it.

should have to pockets on the outside

the inside should have chloe made in italy embossed in the leather.

should have a light canvas lining witha mobile phone holder.

should have a small pocket inside with serail number in

serial number should be in the format of XX XX XX

this should be on a leather tag and the numbers should be large not small

the serial number tag should look as if it sewes in the wrong way so when you read its its not upside down

 the bag should have  6 feet on the outside botton to protect it

 should come ith tag attached with cotton never plastic tag

never comes with a sample bit of leather

should have a soft dustbag with chloe on in brown

if you have the chance take it to a chloe shop

these bags cost around £800 so why would they sell them for £100,(you wouldnt)

there is no such thing as traders that sell them because of over stock with them being limited to one per customer.

i hope this helps you in the future, i think if you want a bag thats authentic then get it from the designer direct then you know every thing about it

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