how to spot a fake handbag common sense tips

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This guide is to help you to hang on to your hard earned cash and not throw it away on fake useless goods

1. in general if the item is from the far east and offered at a fraction of the original cost and asks you to pay by western union or an other untracable source proceed with caution !!!

2. ask to see pictures of serial numbers recipts if available

3. outer wrappings are only used to transport bags from the manufactuere to the store pictures showing wrappings usually result in replica items

4. some companies will only use a certain brand of zip  sometimes a different name to the brand its self, if you know your brands ask for the zip name

5 most genuine sellers will offer no quibble return on questionable authenticity. If they dont , than ask why and then decide if you should buy.

6 a genuine seller usually only sells a small number or the same or similar bags.

7  designers do sometimes stop the use of serial numbers on certain parts of the item  from time to time, this differs with manufacturers and seasons and styles

8. some items are listed with the brand name with all serial numbers dust bags etc but the manufacturerer never made the design in the colour they are offering

9. happy bidding excercise some common sense and cautuion some of us are genuine.

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