how too tell a genuine lacost item

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when buying an item,always ask if it says devanly on wash lable,if it dosnt,its fake,

also the fabric on all tracksuits is the sames,sort of a pattern in fabric,a genuine one,would never have plain fabric,its like a teabag pattern,the only way too discribe it really, the fabric is always delicate and soft,and the croc is never halfway down the leg, all genuine items will come with spare buttons with logo,and have serial number on lable,

a genuine boys shirt wont have 2 lables at the top.if it does,its fake,a genuine shirt will have one lable that says lacoste with the croc above and size too the left on a shirt it will just say 12 or whatever age on coats it will have one lable again with size above croc,on tracksuits will have lacoste lable with a small lable hanging under it that has size ie-12ans

the real giveaway always is the fabric,if you go too a lacoste supplier and feel the fabric,you will know,the differance between fake and genuine,

look at zippers on tracksuits,which will say lacoste on them,and be metal,never small plastic zips,

as for the croc,if you can see its been stiched on after making,then its fake for sure,and should aways face towards the left when wearing,



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