i agree ebay & paypal dont care

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i have been ripped of for a £164.50 bumper described as mint condition but was rusted into holes e bay and paypal did not want to know.

i bought a mobile phone 2 days later e bay e mailed to say the seller was no longer trading ebay and paypal did not want to know.

the feedback forum is useless too if you leave an honest feedback for a non paying buyer or indeed for an item you dont recieve on an item which is described by lies then all the other party does is leave negative feedback in return

the seller should have to leave feedback when the item is paid and the buter should leave feedback when the item arrives safe and as described that way i would have 100% feedback.

I have never backed down to threats if i have been ripped off then my only way of warning others is by feedback so even though i was warned if i left negative feedback for a seller then i would recieve the same i leave it regardless, so if some one has a few negative always investigate through the item why the feedback was left if the buyer recieved the item then he must have paid so he should not get a negative feedback.

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