i love my bugaboo!!!

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i have 6 children ranging from 16years to 5 months.over the years i have had sooooooooooooo many prams/pushchairs and travel systems.ive had just about every make and model there is,marmet,silver cross,mothercare,graco,chicco,bebecar,bebeconfort,maclaren,emmaljunga,jane,quinny,mamas and papas,britax,but the best ive ever had has to be the bugaboo cameleon.its fab!!

when i first saw them,i have to say i really wasnt that keen,i thought they seemed too expensive for not alot of pram.but when i was recently looking for a smaller pram for my little baby (i bought an emmaljunga smart duo combi for her when she was born but that was just too big and bulky for the car..great for walking though!)i saw the cameleon.i loved the pink,but still wasnt sure about the pram itself.

my cousin had her baby just before me,and she had bought one and said how great it was.so i took the plunge and bought one off ebay (brand new from justkiddingonline,got the maxi cosi carseat with it for the same price that you usually pay just for the pram!)i thought even if i didnt like it,id probably get near enough back what i paid for it if i put it back on ebay (thats another goodthing about bugaboos,they hold their value)

the day came and it arrived!and from the minute it was all put toether i loved it!!its light to push,the height adjusting handle is great,the colour is lovely and my baby looks cosy in there!the carrycot is huge,and will accomodate until quite big (it says until 6 months,but as it is so big i should think you could add a couple of months onto that,especially if your little one is in no rush to sit up).

it was easy to put together,abit fiddly working out how to fold,but once you know how its soooo easy!it doesnt fold up small,as it comes in two bits to fold,so make sure your boot is big enough!

the other great thing about this pushchair is that if i get bored of it,i can just get another set of fleeces in a different colour and its like having a new pram again!!

the accessories are great aswell.you can get snow wheels to change from the small front wheels,the footmuff is fab (got mine 2nd hand off ebay!)and you can get a cup holder aswell,oh and you can a matching parasol,or a breezy hood and sunshade,and the changing bag is massive!!plus you can co-ordinate it with the colour of your pram.

theres so much more to this pushchair than meets the eye!yes,it is expensive,but if you look you can get a really great 2nd hand one.although like i say,they do hold their value so still be prepared to pay a few hundred pounds for one!!

forgot to say aswell,you can get adapters so that you can add a carseat.maxi cosi carseats fit,aswell as the mamas and papas primo viaggio (seen someone selling the adapters for it on ebay!)

once again,i think this is just the best pushchair around today,i just wish i had got one sooner...id have saved alot of money!!!

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