i think the best juicers up to £100

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The L'Equip 215 xl  they only do the to models most juicers arnt that good esp for cleaning the L'Equip are the easiest ta clean hands down and the more ya pay dont mean a better machine my choice would be and i have tried a lot of them most just a wast of time but these are the best i have tried L'Equip 215 xl which i consider the best juicer out there At £100 L'Equip 110.5 at £79 then philips hr1861 at £70 then Magimix Le Duo but the build quality lets this machine down not that good hair line fractures appear in the plastic and leak thats prob why ya can buy news plastic parts but not cheep £36 i think min for any of the plastic parts thats not good can buy them from £58.00 from here magimix-spares and with a 12 yr warranty on the motors plastic 3 yr but of there fair ware policy that how they get out of it buy saying you have hammered and it will cost you money ta replace the parts or plastic bits very crafty indeed dont fall fowl of this it but that magimix juicer would be last on my list simply cause of the cheep nasty plastic its made of and breaks and you have ta fork out a lot of cash also has an imbalance and can walk of your kitchen top and a bit of a bitch ta clean hope this helps............dont get stung The L'Equip machines are one of the best for the price rock solid never heard of any plastic parts goin and has a 6 yr warranty motor 3yr plastic bits and there cheapest in the group...........ps dont pay anymore than £20 tops £25 for used juicers there just not worth it no warranty prob been hammered and ya will prob need ta buy some parts thats why most of them are on ebay most of the plastic bits dont last that long esp if you are juicing most days be careful or you will get stung
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