iPhone 3G Nothing Special !?!

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From what I can see of the new Apple iPhone not much has been changed, infact, the only new attribute of this phone actually it seems is 3G? What's the point in that, but what annoys me even more is the fact that they are rising the price to the stupid price it was when it first came out. In my opinion this is stupid, as far as I am concerned no one even uses 3G properly yet, so why bother?
Well for me personally it doesn't make sense, the (poor) camera that is not even near in competition with other new phones today has not been improved, the problems people have complained about (including me as I had the first iPhone for around 6 months) have not been improved either.
I do not recommend the new Apple iPhone 3g and don't recommend anyone else to, expensive yet not enough improvement therefore if you want think phone I think you should go for the older (yet the same) model.
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