iPhone 4 Bumpers, and the eBay con...

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Well it has been some time since i got my iPhone 4 on launch day and with these reports of bad signals etc going around i felt maybe its time to look at a case.

I decided to go for the Apple iPhone 4 Bumper, it looks good and seems pretty practical to me. With a RRP of £25 it does seem a bit pricey, but hey-ho it looks better than some i have seen and reviews seem to be good too!

Any how i decided to search through eBay, to my amazement they were selling for anywhere between £35 and £100, then there's the shipping costs!! I mean please the bumpers are already over priced as it is, but for people to capitalize on them is a joke.

I have looked around, and hopefully this will save people so money, at least until they are more widely available!

Apple are selling the Bumpers for £21.28 + Shipping and VAT = £30.29!  At time of writing there is a 5-7 day lead time on these. Granted you may need to wait a few days longer, but is it really worth wasting up to £20 on average on what is essentially a piece of plastic? Look at it this way, that extra £20 could go on a 2nd Bumper or go towards the iPhone 4 Dock!!

Black - 5-7 Days
Pink, White, Orange, Green, Blue - These should be out around the 20th July!

Personally, i will be going to Apple to get the Bumper. If everyone was to boycott these sellers, they would essentially be forced to lower their prices down to either more reasonable pricing or the RRP!

Update: Be warned, there are some really terrible copies of these bumpers on eBay. No matter how cheap they are, try to avoid these as the button alignments are awful. I know from experience!! :)
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