iPhone Lightning Cable

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One of the most common problems faced by iPhone and iPad owners is a frayed and unusable Lightning connector. Surely there must be tougher, more ruggedized aftermarket options available?Apple makes fantastic mobile products, yet for some reason insists on packing in a flimsy Lightning-to-USB cable that deteriorates too quickly and leaves you with no way to charge your phone or connect it to a computer. You can try the pen-spring trick we learnt from some awesome Instagram life hacks, but even that only slightly elongates the period before your cable frays.
The obvious solution is to go back to the Apple store and claim on warranty or buy another Lightning cable, of course. But this time round Apple’s product might not be the best solution – there are some other options to consider.
Buy Only “Made For iPhone” Certified Cables
Apple has a new Made for iPhone (MFi) certification programme and you need to buy MFi-certified Lightning cables or there’s a good chance you might damage your device, burn your house down or simply receive an error message (along with a refusal to charge). The market is full of cheap knock-offs, so be careful. 
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