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I am an accomplished barefooter with my two IR endurance horses and going from easyboot old macs, through to epics, bares and plain easyboots which are faultless execept for sizing- i found myself buying into cavallo which suit us so much

HOWEVER - i own 6 pairs of these boots now and only two of these did i pay the full price for from a reputable store such as The Saddlery Shop and Trewlene. THESE pairs are wonderful - lots of wear to the bottoms (ones i bought a few days ago second hand where the lady previously had used them alot but with NO damage to upper leather/inside)

ALL my pairs of cavallo boots that were bought from guaranteed sellers here on ebay (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PRIVATE SALE ONES HAVE BEEN FINE IN MY EXPERIECE AS THE PREVIOUS OWNER PAID TOP DOLLAR FOR THEM FROM REPUTABLE STORES) have fallen apart!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same wear patterns i.e subjected to same terrain/amount of water. The leather has split and come off, threading freid leaving irritating flaps of material and the sole has worn within about 100 miles! my orginal pair bought second hand have done over 450 miles with me this spring and look better than ebay 'top rated seller' ones.

I am not sure if there is a fake make but please execute caution and dont get sucked into the £76 or £86 cavallo boots - go to The Saddlery Shop and pay £99 it IS worth it!
thanks for reading; keep it natural ;)
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