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The idea of something being free, always make's people think "nothing is for free". well although this is a general rule of thumb some things can be free.
There are many websites offering free gadets Iphones, ipod's, vouchers etc. What they all have in common is that they require you to sign up and complete one of the offer's which they have advertised. Now this is not all bad, as many are free trials for video dvd rental, some are free ringtones others are bingo sites. Most of these will be household names which we all know and trust.

Ok so now you have signed up and decide to complete one of the great offers, have you now got your free gift?. The answer is no, you will see that you have to refer some friends family etc to join the website and sign up for you, using your unique referal id number.

At this stage many many people give up as friends and family will be very sceptical about you getting your "FREE" gift. This is the hardest part of these schemes, many people refuse to believe that you will get the free gift just for signing up and completing a simple offer.


Why you will get your free gift
The companies that offer these gifts are affiliated with HIGH profile companies such as AOL, EBay, Blockbuster, GM, etc. Companies as big as they are wouldn’t affiliate themselves with scammers; it’ll be bad for business.
The companies that offer these free gifts are registered with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The BBB is a leader in public services related to ethical business practices and dispute resolution. It is there passion to promote honesty and integrity in the marketplace. You can also check their site and search for the company offering the free gifts; see if they “scammed” anyone.
The economics of the whole process makes sense. When you sign up for an offer through their partners, they make money. Enough money to offer you a free gift and make profit are affiliated with HIGH profile companies such as AOL, EBay, and Blockbuster


Pit falls of doing these types of sites

Do not try to scam the company
Other family members in the same house can not sign up
Proxy servers are forbidden and will cause deletion of your account
Dorm rooms will not work since they are on the same server(you can try though)
NEVER EVER do an offer more than once
Once you sign up you can not delete it and sign up again
Only sign in to your account from your computer. Don't let your friend sign in from your PC.
MOST OF ALL- Just follow the terms and rules, which will lead to your free gift
Do the free gift schemes really work?

Yes they do, however there is a little bit of effort required by you to gain the required amount of referals that each free gift requires. As explained on the concept page most people think these schemes are just scams and out to get your credit card details and such.

This is far from the truth, the companys that offer the free gifts are regulated and have to abide by strict laws "data protection act 1998". They are in business to make money and so by offering you free gifts this is a great incentive to get people to join and refer others to join, the more people who join the more they make.

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