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I have recently bought a used car via e-bay, i was watching a few cars and this one came up, it was a good price and had a good write up of its description, having a full mot, and to the eye looked rather smart. The only problem was its location, my review is about common sense really, the car was about 150 miles away, it was too far to view and besides the auction was late in the day, as i said i was watching other cars really, that were near to me for viewing. But i bid on it for the price i wanted to spend i thought i would take a chance, so i booked a train ticket informed the seller of my intended arrival, and he was kind enough to offer to pick me up from the station, on the day of my train journey it was a nice clean crisp morning, i would be on this train for 2hours 45 minutes, so sat back and really enjoyed the trip, i phoned ahead as i approached the station and sure enough was picked up by the seller, he then drove me to his house were the car and relevent documents were, he bought and sold cars and gave me a bit of history of the car, after completing the transfer and having a cup of tea i headed of home, the car drove fantastic and i thought that i had found a gem for what little i had paid!! I got home put it on the path and there it stayed for nearly a week, it may have got me home but the starter motor had gone on it, its a 12 year old car i took a gamble with my purchase, and paid a price, for what i paid for the car cost me then half that amount to fix it,  as i had to get a part from the main dealer, in all i should have viewed the car before i bid on it, but i was amazed at the low price, its easy to get carried away with e-bay but remember that you pay another price too, if you buy before you try or at the very least view, i couldnt fault the seller he was polite and helpfull, i could have refrained on bidding on a car that i knew very little about, to everyone out there good luck in your bids but be carefull, stepool 1970

used car

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