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I would like to warn members of a company called jnj leisure or littelal/littetrail trailers.

After seeing mr ali azfa'a ad on ebay in feb 2010, i contacted him and we discussed the making of a bespoke trailer, i checked out the company and all seemed ok so i sent a deposit of £500.00 toward the cost of the work. after some time and various conflicting stories as to why the delay had occurred i realized that mr Azfa had no intention of completing the work. when i called him to ask for my money back he got quite aggressive, and after several letters from myself and trading standards mr azfa agreed to refund me at £100 per month until the debt was cleared, i received only one payment, now after several more months have passed and several more letters again from myself and trading standards i have still not received my money. money that i have worked hard for! I am currently beginning legal proceedings and believe mr azfa is no more than a con man and a thief.

please be warned of this, i would not like anyone else to be taken in by this person.

mr azfa, if you read this - you should be ashamed of yourself, i do not know how you sleep at night, there is a name for people who take money from honest hard working people like you have, it is a thief!

you know how to contact me if you wish to reply to this
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