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Hi I would like to warn people to about the above machine make. I bought mine on lay from Maggiebiz of ebay I dont have alot of money as im on my own with 2 kids, I really wanted to get into sewing so i could work from home, so I asked if i could pay off weekly on one of her JOYS machines. She said this would be fine I was so thrilled this machine looked like it could do everything, after recieving it I decided to get going only I couldnt find the power plug, but because it had been over a month I had to pay for another of her, so when i finally got a plug for it i was ready to go EERR NO! thing did about 2 stitches and jammed up everytime its rethread & I try to set off it just jams up dosnt sew properly, also i get little electric shocks every time i go near anything metal, like trying to thread the needle, now these come with a long term guarentee as long as u pay the extortion postage rate to send it bk, so thanks alot 4 that MAGZ! please do not buy 1 of these machines & listen to the reviews i basically through £180 in the skip
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