joys sewing machine pf6500

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Hi,  I bought a sewing machine from joys in march 2007 and after several months the pins (where the mains go) had inserted themselves back into the machine.  I contacted joys with regards to my problem and they said that if i sent it back to them they would sort it out for me.  Because of the nature of the problem i put it down to a manufacturing fault, however when i was contacted by joys they told me that it was my fault.  They also said that i would have to pay for the repair and the postage if i wanted my sewing machine back.  This cost me another £50.00 which i was not happy about, but as i wanted my machine and they had promised that they had fixed it, i paid for it to be returned to me.  Having only used it a few times since it as been returned to me, the same thing as happened again.

I was not willing to pay another £50 for them to fix it again, so i have had it checked over by a professional and i have seen what they have done and it is absolutely shocking!  I have spoken to trading standards and i was advised to send them a letter asking for a full refund within the next seven days, and that was a number of weeks ago.  They do not give refunds, however they will sell your machine on to another customer who is willing to part with there money.

Please, Please, Please, be WARNED do not buy from this COMPANY.  They have ripped me off and several other people.  Find a reputable company that will look after you, like bernina, brother etc............................



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