joys sewing machines

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i am a sewing machine dealer with over 30 years in the trade, we repair and service all types of sewing machines and boilers, we have seen over a number of years a higher number of joys machines coming through our doors, some with little problems and some with big problems, we have herd that a college who bought a number of machines from joys who have now thrown them in the skip, there boilers do not comply with health and safety laws in this country, they do not have a British standard pressure valve, we have in our workshop a joy boiler where the fuse box (which is on the front switch panel) has melted and caught fire. this boiler is a cheap chinese copy of an italy boiler,,and cost about $70-90 and joy sells it over £160

we now have stopped repairing joys machines and tell the customer to send it back to joy,,

im sure that joys is a good company, but im hearing more and more bad things about her,,,i trust you can make up your own mind,, still shes done good working from a couple of old barns on a farm!!!

but hey,,you pay for what you get,,, gerald ratner once said, stack **it high and sell it cheap,,,


without predijuce or menice

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