judith winder

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A EBAY buyer bought my diamond necklace and as a geniune seller i  posted to Judithwinker who apparentley lives in Germany and asked for the item to be posted to Nigeria Lagos, yes i know, but her email looked so geniune. 

Once posted the item the buyer unregistered as an ebay buyer, and never saw payment, yes of course is a fraudlant, lost £180.00.  I also recieved a email from Paypal saying she had paid for the item and confirmed it had left her account, the email was a spoof i contacted Paypal and this person does not exsist. I am so gutted and disapointed with ebay they support is awful and i have tried to contact them about it they are so slow and do not get back to you with any support. 

I have lost all confidance with ebay, there are a massive company that should protect they site, and should always be one step ahead.  Am thinking of closing my account down and selling things at car boot sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry to be negative but my experience with ebay is.


Be careful there are some nasty people out there who dont care who they hurt and rob form.


all the best



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