kids bigfoot quad

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Bought a kids bigfoot quad bike from mcicycles on Ebay in June, it has NEVER worked properly since day 1.

I have made numerous attempts to contact them with no luck, got 1 email reply telling me that they don't answer the phone because kids used to phone up and just ask questions about the quads!! What way is that to run a business??

I have had a mechanic look at it and it needs a new carburretor, to which the only other response was that they have sold so many of these and never had one need a new carb.

As with previous reviews these people are impossible to get hold of either via email, landline or mobile phone.

They have numbers for both myself and the mechanic who has looked at the quad but are pointblank refusing to contact either of us to offer support oe help in any manner.

I urge all Ebayers to think not only twice but several times before buying a quad from these people, or you may well regret it.

It has now got to the stage where my next move is to seek advice from Trading Standards.

Thanks for nothing.........Martin Croxon  MCI Cycles  12 Nelson Road  Ashingdon Essex SS4 3EJ  01702 543037   07949 910031


kids quad

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