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There is genuine unpicked kiloware out there, and when you find it you'll see the difference right away! I started selling kiloware directly to customers as I was appalled by the rubbish sold on by many dealers.

Many years ago I called on a wholesaler to pick up about 50 kilos and he left me alone in his storeroom for a few minutes. I couldn't help but notice the excellent items lying on top of one of the sacks. When I (stupidly) mentioned it he said 'that's not the stuff I'm selling.' It became clear that this was his primary stock, the material he got from the charity but which then underwent at least a degree of sorting before being sold on as 'unpicked'. I was always surprised back when I used to sort how little if any high values were in the mix. In fact with one wholesaler (now no longer dealing) I never found a SINGLE high value in anything I bought - and he'd told me I was his biggest customer in the UK!

So when I found a charity, and then a few more, that would sell directly to me I was determined to let customers get stuff like I'd seen all those years ago in that wholesaler's shed! I actually get a real kick when customers tell me of their finds - I'd much rather they got them than me, or some rich dealer somewhere! I NEVER take anything out (or put anything in), that's why my customers pay so much more for my charity material than they would pay elsewhere.

That's the real fun of sorting kiloware - the genuine chance that one day you'll find something really valuable or interesting. And all those 'unpicked' picked mixes out there are never going to give you that chance!



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