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This member (kim500racing)  bought a fragrance from me and a while later left negative feedback accusing me of tampering with the bottle (although how one can tamper with a fragrance spray bottle is beyond me, when the only way in is through the spray part at the top!),

I  contacted this member to find out why she had written such a stupid, malicious comment and also asked if she was unhappy with the fragrance, then why not return it? she was totally uncooperative, rude and unhelpful and I tried to explain that these comments were a slur on my character as a seller etc. and politely asked if she would withdraw them.

She would not agree to anything I asked,  I said that I believed she had realised she had bid way too much for the item (although if a buyer wants to pay over the odds for something, that is their stupid fault, i,m happy to receive a far higher price), and she had merely taken her stupidity out on me, trying to accuse me of tampering with a tamperproof bottle.

I said send it back for a refund and she said no I will keep it and use it!  I said therefore you must be happy with it then, so why leave the comment you did!!, she could not answer that, so this left me totally confused and downright annoyed at the same time. I again asked for a retraction but this stupid woman would NOT relent.

So I am left with this comment on my feedback, so beware this member who doesnt know when to stop at a realistic price to obtain an item and then causes all manner of upset to innocent sellers who are at the mercy of STUPID bidders who cant control their bidding.

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