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My Kindle touch has been a big disappointment.  I bought it privately as opposed to buying direct from Amazon.  The consequence is that I spent nearly a whole day trying to get the wretched thing registered.  It was the 4G only currently on sale in the USA.  There was no help forthcoming from this country and I spoke (if that is the correct expression) with so called experts from Asia, the USA and the Carribean.  I eventually got it registered but, what a game to use it.  It is essential that you have a wi-fi connection.  Do not be fooled into thinking that you can simply enter details of your ISP.  No, you have to enter the precise and I mean precise, details of your Router.  The only way I could do so was to use my Laptop to seek my own wi-fi title and password.  Do you know what yours is I wonder? The benefit of the "Touch" is that you are supposed to be able to simply touch the side of the page - the right to go forward a page and the left to go backward a page.  Don't believe it.  Sometimes it works just fine, other times you have to keep touching numerous times until it moves.  Sometimes it moves just the one page and on other occasions, it can be several pages which means searching back many pages until you find the correct one.  The worst aspect for me is the frequent failure of the "One touch" to resume your place in the book after it has been switched off for a while.  It has got so bad that before switching off, I now make a note of the chapter and percentage figure at the bottom of the page.  Today for instance, I had forgotten to do so.  I knew I was about 30% through the book and when I switched on, it was at 89%.  I had to scroll backwards through the pages for ages before I found my place.  So, to summarise, a clever toy but very frustrating to use and I wish I had not bought the thing.
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