kitepink - and the Flexifoil Bullet 4.5

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I'm adding this a little late because it took me ages to discover the "guides" link. Kitepink sold me a Bullet 4.5 and I had really nice dealings with them. I'm lucky - most ebayers have been nice but being nice doesn't make your product good so, okay Kitepink advertised well and communicated on a pleasant and personal level - I like that. I like to know that the people I buy from are "people" just like me. ...and Kitepink are "people" just like you, so I'd just like to recommend them because also their kite was a bargain and in wonderful condition (if not new).

To Kitepink: I did, as you thought I might, take the kite out immediately. spit of the wind having picked-up. And predictably, as it was high tide too (leaving no beach-room/smooth surface), got dragged through every trough and gully Morecambe can offer me. Folks in the car park (flasks and butties) should have paid for this Adults-only show: one woman's endeavour to tame a brutal monster through the hardships of a broken earth.... ....weed, trailing from my mouth as I clung to the handles....down into another trough....wet again...up and over a bank and....ah, yes - the kite killers. Why din't I think of that earlier.

So, buyers, whether it's a recommendation for Kitepink, a Guide to the Flexifoil Bullet 4.5 or just a note of caution - I recommend all three.



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