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i also bought a 125cc bike from lia imports but unlike you i cannot agree with your glowing report.

on the second day of purchasemy son went out and the bolts fell out of the front brake caliper, both the heat shields fell off (bolts fell out), same day petrol tank cover broke off as my son was riding it, he went to the garage to put in fuel and the locking petrol cap fell apart.

next day rear indicators fell off (a bracket under the mudguard had broken off at the weld),then the throttle grip slid off the handle bars,followed by ,bottom of ignition barrel fell out,wiring came away at rear lights.

we had to take it to our local motorcycle shop as i was getting worried for my sons safety,had to pay out £160 pounds for back sprocket bushes,new plug and oil, now been told by said mechanic that due to bushes worn back wheel is cracked.

lia imports did send new petrol cover, sent new mudguard (wrong one)

in phone conversation with lia i was told that i should check and tighten all nuts and bolts( thought that was what a pdi was)?

i feel very badly abought this firm as i have been told that because i paid to have this work done i cannot get it back from them as they woul have sent me new parts(even though i would still have had to pay to have them fitted)

i would never recommend this firm to anyone, my son has had this bike for 5 weeks and now will not ride it as he says he does not feel safe on it. it maybe that i had a bad one of a shipment but i do feel let down by lia i feel that they should have checked this bike as carefully as they say they do.

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