lacoste seconds.

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i recently bought a factory second lacoste shirt from first i thought it was a really good fake as the crock on the pocket looked genuine and the inner tag on the collar.(the crock had two eyes,had lacoste on the bottom and the number of the size of the shirt.the buttons are the same size with lacoste on even feels like a lacoste shirt,that you would expect,all nice and soft cotton.all a part from one thing the wash tag was on the right hand side,at the bottom of the shirt.and had the words BASI S.A.made in badalona,barcelona.when i seen that alarm bells was ringing because i thought it was a fake because on all lacoste shirts the wash tag is on the left hand side near the tousle area and has the words DEVANLAY on the bottom of it,if the lacoste shirt is 2006 and older.mind you even the really good fakes have this a part that it would have a star Iver side of the world,which means you have a fake.and the shirt i recently purchase wasn't even finished.were the button holes are on the shirt,on the inside you have a seem or hem,that wasn't even sown.only the button holes was,which was holding the seem or hem together.any i did my research on the Internet and came across this site; that they had an exclusive licensee of the French company Lacoste for the manufacturing and sale of its clothing products, footwear and belts throughout Spain.and that It operates a network of 131 stores, consisting of both its own stores and franchises.As a first step, the management contacted a manufacturer of analog cameras and installed a pilot system. After a brief period of use, the results were evaluated, and it was apparent that certain elements of the installation failed to meet requirements.which means that lacoste would never sell the shirts made by them as they dont meet lacoste standards and wouldn't have there shirts in there i have come to a conclusion.the shirt isn't a fake,its real but it doesn't meet lacoste standards and lacoste wouldn't call it there's.Hench,thats way i can only really call it a factory second as it ain't a fake but the quality or the finish of the shirt isn't up to the standards of lacoste.hope that was useful and the link.thanks for reading.

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