lacoste touch of pink! FAKE DONT BUY!

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I was looking through the perfumes for my wife and i saw TOUCH OF PINK 100ML BOTTLE!

I thought this was a bargin, so i placed a bid!

I won the item, so was very pleased with what i had just won! Even more over the moon that i had a nice supprise for my wife!

I read through the aution listing and noticed it said that the bottle and box was FACTORY CONDITIONED, not exactly what you get from the shops but still smells the same!

When the item arrived i gave it to my wife and she was over the moon that i got her a bottle as her old one had almost ran out, hence that why i bought her a new one!

Told her that the bottle would be different to the one she has already got due to it been factory conditioned!

She wasn't bothered about this as she had a nice big bottle of it again!

When she opened it up and got the perfume out, then sprayed it she said it didn't smell like the original one! I said come off it, its got to smell like it!

Anyway she got her old bottle and sprayed some on her other wrist, i smelt then both and there was quite a differ in the smell's!

I tryed to contact the seller about this, and got no reply from them!

In there listing it says that they are new to selling on ebay and that instead of leaving bad feedback to email them first to sort this out! So i did loads of times still no reply!

I aint going to bother leaving them feedback because it would be bad feedback, and there reply proberly would be that i should of emailed them first to discuss this problem and then left me bad feedback as some people seem to do on ebay!

Anyway please avoid this seller

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