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if you want a cheap useable laptop then theres plenty available on e-bay, buy from a reputable seller or otherwise its pot luck.
aviod sellers making claims that a centrino 1.4ghz is equal to a pentium 4 2.8ghz it certainly is not, its about 25% -50% faster, many factors such a motherboard speed, hard drive speed and memory type all add to a laptops performance.
Graphics...  many sellers claim laptops have dedicated graphics chips when they dont, they share the system memory, if unsure always try a quick search on google.

If an item is listed as untested best assume its been tested and is not working, or the last time i used this it was working but ive lost the power supply so am unable to test, be carefull if they have lost bits out of it then one must assume it has not been looked after in the first place.

If a laptop is being sold as  dont know if there is any hard drive or memory etc then assume there is not

always make sure that the picture in the listing is the picture of the actual item for sale, other wise you see a picture of a top of the range ibm laptop with a listing like " selling my old laptop cause i got a new one" i mean if you buy something like this then you really are asking for trouble.

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